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Welcome to our First Blog Post!

Welcome to our very first blog post as Kinsei Refill.

We wanted to include a blog for our customers to read about any exciting new products, upcoming news or general ways on how to live a more sustainable life! But as it's our first, we thought we would start off with introducing ourselves!

After an exciting and eventful year of owning and running Kinsei through 3 d lockdowns, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their ongoing support and custom. It was our one year anniversary last week so a big Happy Birthday 🍰. We took over Kinsei during February 2020 and little did we know within our first month or so we would be going into the toughest year that retail has ever faced.

Our little shop itself, has undertaken several changes. We started with a well stocked shop but had several ideas to help improve the services we could provide. First things first, we introduced several new product ranges namely fresh free range eggs, bread was also introduced provided by Vicky's artisan breads. Our bread supplier is now Baker Toms and this change has been very popular and flexible as they are able to deliver on whichever days we need and what ever quantities you ask for! We also spent the summer sourcing fresh fruit and veg but this was not so successful due to limited footfall during lockdowns and a lot of good local competition. We sourced a vegan sweet range too! This is ongoing and we know you love them!

The biggest implementation was fresh refillable milk provided by Rodda's. During the summer of 2020 we set up a small delivery system of delivering semi skimmed milk but during its first 6 months it is now including local delivery of eggs, both semi and whole milk and many other shop based refills. This service is free and increasing monthly. 

I would like to take this moment to not only thank people who have supported or supplied our shop during our first year but also to ask for your continued input, ideas and requests to further improve our shop and services.

Thank you to everyone who are reading this and long may our shop continue to grow and improve to keep us all stocked up and making a difference.

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