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We got a new car!

Hello Refillers!
So, we are back sooner than we thought because we have some exciting news! 
We said in our last blog that we had an announcement and here it is! We have a new Kinsei Car! This is something we have been really excited about for a long time.
As our home delivery service continues to grow the space in our car got considerably smaller. Plus doesn't it look funky with the Kinsei Logo on! We really enjoy doing the milk round and now we can do it in style! We hope you are as excited as us and if you see us driving round Hayle, give us a wave!
We also have our cake bundle for sale this week, check out our social media posts for all the information, but we wanted to share some recipes with you in case you wanted to have a go! We have left a simple basic cake recipe, Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge and a simple Lemon Cake Recipe. If you try any out let us know or send us in a picture! Our cake bundle is available until Saturday!

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