Find us on the ground floor in the Old Foundry Chapel in Hayle: TR274AB │ We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am - 4pm

Welcome to your Local Refill Shop

Opening times: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10am - 4pm

We are offering free local deliveries, please get in touch if we can help. We can ship outside of Hayle but there will be a delivery charge.

How does out shop work?

Bread & Breakfast Delivery Service

How it works!

We deliver to the Hayle area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with a minimum order of £5 per week.

We can deliver anything in our store from shower products & skincare to snacks and cereal! Our most popular item on our Bread & Breakfast round is milk!

We deliver semi skimmed & full cream Roddas milk (£1 per litre) in glass bottles (£1.50 each). So for example if you have 1 litre 3 times a week you would need 2 bottles - one for me to deliver and one you would leave for me outside (cleaned in a dishwasher or sterilised etc) for me to refill for your next delivery.

We also deliver fresh large free range eggs and bread from Baker Toms, if you choose to have bread this is an afternoon delivery. As mentioned before, you can have any products from our shop delivered, anything that is refillable you would leave the containers for me, and we will deliver them on your next delivery day!

Any delivery can be added to reduced or amended by simply email/Facebook message or text message on the day before.      

All we need from you is what your order is, on which days along with a start date, name, address, contact telephone number and email address.

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